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Import/Export >> GEDCOM ImportImport/Export >> GEDCOM Import

Add to or replace your genealogy (may take several minutes, depending on the size of your file)

Import GEDCOM (standard 5.5 format, may be zipped):

  From your computer:
  OR  From web site (in GEDCOM folder):

Accept data for all new Custom Event Types   Import Custom Event Types only (no data is added, replaced or appended)

Import into:

  Destination Tree:  

Replace (in selected tree):

All current data   Matching records only   Do not replace any data   Append all records

Hints: All Current Data means all people, families, sources and notes (media associations are not lost as long as IDs remain the same). Matches are always based on IDs only. New records are always added. Append imports all records with new IDs.

Upper case all surnames
Do not recalculate Living flag
Replace only if newer
Import media if present
Import latitude / longitude data if present

Old style import (no progress bar)

Stop! It might be a good idea to back up your current data before proceeding.